OZ Goose Plans

A BIG part of the preparation to building an OZ Goose (or any boat for that matter) is studying the PLANS.


Buy the plans from DuckWorks (http://www.duckworksbbs.com/product-p/oz-goose-id.htm, download the PDF, take it to a print shop (it is 70-some pages!). – have them print it on 3-hole punched paper or have them spiral-bind it for you. (Note – the PDF does not include the OZ Goose logo as a cover page – OGM added that…)

Of course, you can print it at home and bind it however you want. The advantages of binding it is the pages all stay together and you get a blank page for notes or questions to the left of every page of text, drawings and instructions. On the other hand, when you build an OZ Goose with OGM, a spiral-bound (with logo) set of plans is included!


Then: STUDY the Plans! Make notes, jot down questions and be prepared to ask them at OZ Goose Orientation!



1 thought on “OZ Goose Plans

  1. Great ideas.
    I have the plans on my computer but now need the print them.


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