What Is an OZ Goose?

In the excitement of getting this site underway and receiving an OZ Goose kit, OZ Goose Michigan (OGM) got ahead of itself a bit.  While a short introduction to the OZ Goose appears on the front page, there is a lot more information about the building, sailing and racing of OZ Geese available. Here is another introduction to the OZ Goose:

Oz Goose sailboat everything from a trainer to high wind solo thrills

building 10 oz goose sailboats in the Philippines. 10 for the price of one imported Laser

The OzGoose was almost overlooked until Texan, Ian Henehan, started to put videos of what it could do on Youtube.

He showed:

  • Lots of speed – up to 12.9 knots on a tide free lake. 10 knots is very easy to achieve.
    Family sailing – with two adults and three kids aboard the boat will still move along very well and give a good feeling of sailing

Oz Goose in rough water downwind

  • Training boat – underlying the plans is a very sophisticated boat, proper foils, correct spar bend, light weight. But you don’t have to worry about that, follow the plans and the boat will GO. This means that student sailors get instant feedback when they do things right.

They built the boat over three days, now they have their first sailing lesson - oz Goose

  • No handling vices – helm remains balanced at any heel angle at any windspeed. Boat has enormous stability making it forgiving of handling errors that would capsize other boats.

Rough water upwind and hints of where the stability comes from - oz Goose

  • Easy righting from capsize and no water aboard

Jinky and Job, first time capsize - Oz Goose sailboat

  • Light to handle on shore
  • Quick rigging – less than 5 minutes, sail is reefable on the water for strong winds.

A well sailed boat in light winds can sometimes lead single handed boats - Oz Goose sailboat

  • Simple building – a good prospect for a group build project – we built 10 in the Philippines with a week of kit prep for a volunteer team then beginner sailors and boatbuilders assembled the boats in 3 days.

Very simple construction method - oz Goose sailboat

And the videos,

Note how neutral the helm is as the boat heels and the good speed despite the number of people aboard.

And the top speed videos. As the photos show the goose handles rough water happily as well.

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