From Scratch or Kit?



An OZ Goose sailboat can be built from “scratch” or from a kit.

Built by “scratch” means taking the plans, measuring and marking off dimensions on plywood and lumber, cutting each piece by hand (using hand or power tools) and assembling the parts into a completed hull.

Kits include all plywood parts cut to size, lumber pieces cut to size, and foil blanks (rudder and daggerboard).

There is also the middle ground of using templates of the plywood pieces and a router to accurately cut out the plywood parts.  This technique saves time and enhances the accuracy of the parts. OZ Goose Michigan has a set of templates, prepared by the kit manufacturer, to use in cutting out the parts that are assembled to create the hull.

The tools needed to build an OZ Goose are simple and include a saw (Japanese pull-saws work well as do powered saber saws), tape measure, cordless drill, a block plane, a straight edge and a speed square.  Needed supplies include adhesives (epoxy is recommended), screws, and disposable supplies (sandpaper, nitrile gloves, mixing cups, etc.).


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